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Team Yankee 

Phil Yates’s Red Banner Tank Division Tank Battalion

After a year of hard work on Team Yankee, I’m stoked to finally be able to get the models on the table and play some games. Back in the late 1980s I fielded a Soviet Motor Rifle Regiment against my friend’s Belgian armoured brigade with a modicum of success, so the chance to revisit the period brings back good memories and the anticipation of making a lot more.

I chose the Soviet force because I’ve always loved their kit. The T-72 and BMP are just awesome, the Shilka is classic, and who can go past the Mi-24 Hind! The Soviet doctrine is so theoretically elegant – and utterly cold-blooded – that I have to try it out on the table top.

My force is based around lots of tanks with a smattering of everything else to get the cool kit on the table. As it expands, it will gain lots more tanks and some artillery, and the option of expanding the motor rifle company to give me more infantry punch. Phil at Team Yankee Armageddon
T-72 Tank Battalion HQ
1x T-72

5 points 
T-72 Tank Company
4x T-72 (3 with Mine Clearing Devices)

18 points
T-72 Tank Company
3x T-72

12 points
ZSU-23-4 Shilka AA Platoon
2x ZSU-23-4 Shilka

2 points
BMP-1 Motor Rifle Company
4x AK-74 team with RPG-18, 3x RPG anti-tank team, 4x BMP-1 

6 points
BMP-1 Recon Platoon
2x BMP-1

1 points
Mi-24 Hind Assault Helicopter Company
2x Mi-24 Hind

5 points
Total 50 points

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