Jager Zug (TGR712)

Jäger Zug (TGR712)

Jäger Zug (TGR712)
Includes Command G3 Rifle team, three MG3 teams, two Milan missile teams

Heimatschutz Jäger riflemen are the last line of defence, defending their own homes from the red threat. These older and wiser troops know their battleground intimately, even if their reflexes are not what they used to be.

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All across West Germany divisions are being mobilised and reservists flock to their barracks for assignment to the front. In the sector of the cities of Hannover and Braunschweig the men of 1. Panzerdivision stand ready to face the Soviet hordes as they pour across the border from East Germany. North of them 3. Panzerdivision hold the Soviets while the Dutch deploy to the sector. With their powerful Leopard tanks and panzergrenadiers mounted in the Marder infantry fighting vehicles, they fight with skill and cunning to slow the Soviet advance, determined to protect their homes and families...

World War III: British

The Command G3 Rifle team
Jäger Zug (TGR712) Jäger Zug (TGR712) Jäger Zug (TGR712)

The MG3 & G3 teams
Jäger Zug (TGR712) Jäger Zug (TGR712)
Jäger Zug (TGR712) Jäger Zug (TGR712)
Jäger Zug (TGR712) Jäger Zug (TGR712)

The Milan missile teams
Jäger Zug (TGR712) Jäger Zug (TGR712) Jäger Zug (TGR712)

Jager Zug Blister Contents
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Jäger Zug (TGR712)

a. Officer standing with G3 Rifle
b. Officer standing
c. NCO kneeling
d. NCO kneeling pointing
e. NCO waving with right arm
f. NCO kneeling pointing
g. Soldat with G3 and slung HK69

h. Soldat with slung Panzerfaust 44
i. Kneeling Panzerfaust 44 gunner
j. Soldat firing HK69 grenade launcher
k. MG3 LMG gunner
l. Prone MG3 gunners
m. Milan loader
n. Milan gunner

o.Milan launcher
p. Soldat Standing G3 Rifle
q. Officer Pointing
r. Standing Panzerfaust 44
t. Running HK69

Jäger Zug (TGR712)

Jäger Zug (TGR712)

Formation Commander G3 Rifle Team
Base the Commander on a small base with a Officer, radio operator and rifleman.

MG3 & G3 teams
MG3 & G3 teams have three G3 Riflemen with a MG3 machine-gunner on every second base, replacing the MG3 with a G3 rifleman on the bases without a machine-gun. Panzerfaust 44 Gunners can replace a G3 Rifleman.

Jäger Zug (TGR712)

Jäger Zug (TGR712)

Milan Anti-tank missile team
Base a Milan anti-tank missile team on a small base. Each team has a Milan Gunner and a Milan Loader on the base.

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