HHG Team Yankee Mega Battle Report - Part Two

HHG Team Yankee Mega Battle Report

HHG Team Yankee Mega Battle Report - Part Two
with Dane 

Team Yankee holds off an attack by a Soviet battalion on Hill 214 during the night. Bannon's loader, PFC Richard Kelp, and Private McCauley volunteer to lead a Dragon gunner to engage the enemy on foot. The Dragon gunner is killed and Kelp and McCauley race against time to kill a T-72 before it kills them. Kelp is later awarded a Silver Star for his efforts.

-Harold Coyle, Team Yankee

The Huntsville Historical Gamers ran a “Total War” game as a Capstone event for the Club’s recent Red Thunder Firestorm Campaign. The Mega-Game stretched across 5 tables. The Mega-Game pitted 6 NATO players against 6 WARSAW-PAC players. Each side had approx. 600 points for a Mega-Game total of 1,200 points.

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Turn 5
Massive amounts of Soviet tank main gun fire and artillery only accounts for a few NATO casualties. The Soviets are far off their prescribed time-table from Stavka.

The political officer attached the 74th Guards Tank Regiment walked into the Soviet Forward Tactical Command Post, invited the Soviet Commander outside for a cigarette. Once outside, a single shot from a Tokarev was heard. The political officer walked back inside the Tactical Command Post, appointed a new commander and urged the new Commander to increase the pace of the attack.

HHG Team Yankee Mega Battle Report

Turn 6
Massive amounts of Soviet tank gun fire and artillery finally eliminates most of the NATO Forward Edge of the Battle Area forces opening up avenues of advance for WARSAW-PAC armor.

The 2nd (US) Armor M1 Company road dashes north on Autobahn 9 towards Munchberg to meet the Soviet breakthrough.

HHG Team Yankee Mega Battle Report

Turn 7
Soviet SU-25 strike aircraft targets the 2nd Armor (US) M1 Company, destroying 3x M1 and bails the 4th resulting in the platoon leaving the battlefield. The Soviet T-72 Armor from the left March Column, clears the final West German Leopard II as well as eliminating the platoon from the Fliegerfaust Gruppe. The Czechoslovakian T-72 Armor advances off board 1 and skirts outside the city of Munchberg. Soviet Artillery screens the movement of the Czechoslovakian armor advance NATO reserves proceed cautiously out of Bamberg east along Autobahn 70 to meet the soviet armor advance IVO Bayreuth.

Turn 8
Soviet SU-25 strike aircraft targets another platoon of US armor, destroys 1x M1 and bails 3x M1s from the 2nd (US) Armor Company. The Soviet T-72 Armor from the left March Column, now free from all NATO frontline trace units advance towards the 2nd (US) Armor Company, currently being “serviced” by the SU-25s. The Soviet T-72 Armor from the right March Column, mostly free from remnants of the 2nd ACR, advances toward the line of Chieftans comprising the Irish Guards blocking position.

HHG Team Yankee Mega Battle Report

NATO Victory!

With time running short (store closing), the game was called. With the Soviets only able to penetrate some 25km south of the boarder, vic – Munchberg, the game was a decisive NATO victory!

Regan Smash! Regan Smash!

Warsaw-Pac Hero of the Soviet Union is awarded to: Our youngest player, Commander of the SA-8 SAM Battery who single handedly cleared the skies of all NATO aircraft!

The Huntsville Historical Gamers always have a blast socializing and good natured fun during the games. The Mega-Game gets everybody energized and socializing in the evenings. We received a lot of positive feedback and great ideas for our next Mega- Battle. See you all next year in the Fulda Gap!