Andrew’s Iron Maiden Iron Division

Andrew working on his Team Yankee force


Iron Maiden

Andrew’s Iron Maiden Iron Division

Part 1: 8 October 2016

As I once again took the dive into a new Team Yankee army, I wanted to run something a bit different than my other lists. The British are quite cheap point wise, meaning I could try and build something a bit more flexible with mutable formations. For this army, I decided that I wanted a mixed force focusing on infantry being backed up by tanks.

Here is the list I am working on this weekend.

I am at my core an infantry player, so I wanted a strong infantry core for my two formation list. Both of the infantry units in Iron Maiden really interested me, but for this list I chose the Mechanised Company. They have good Anti-tank options and enough bullets to defend themselves from Soviet infantry hordes. Since both options use the same base models I can also buy some choppers and make an Airmobile list down the line. Then I'll have the option to swap out my Mechanised Company if I want.

In this list I really wanted a big artillery platoon. It's something I don’t have in my other lists and I wanted to play around with artillery. For this force, I’m liking the Abbots. I can get eight of them for twelve points, and with eight guns I get a -2 to the score needed to hit in bombardments, making them really effective. The direct fire anti-tank rating of 17 is not that bad either, giving them the ability to defend themselves from BMPs and other light armoured units.

FV432 Mechanised Company HQ
1x SLR team

1 point

2x FV432 Mechanised Platoons
4x GPMG team with 66mm anti-tank
3x Carl Gustav anti-tank team
1x 2" mortar team
2x Milan missile teams
5x FV432

18 points
Spartan Mobile Milan Section
4x Spartan MCT
4 points

Abbot Field Battery
8x Abbot
1x FV432 FOO

13 points
Total 36 points
Armoured Squadron HQ
2x Chieftain Tanks

12 points
Armoured Squadron
3x Chieftain Tanks
18 points
Armoured Squadron
3x Chieftain Tanks

18 points
Tracked Rapier SAM Section
4x Tracked Rapiers
6 points
Harrier Close Air Support Flight
4x Harrier

10 points
Total 64 points

To back up my Infantry I took the cheap and reliable Chieftain Tanks as a second formation and for only 48 points I can get 8 tanks in my list! The main gun on the tanks is really good while its low armour makes it cheap, so I can get a lot of good anti-tank into the list for a small point cost. By comparison, the Leopard two sports the same anti-tank but costs 11 points per tank, making a German eight tank formation cost 88 points. The lighter armour does mean that I'll have to be more careful with my Chieftains, but the extra points I saved gave me more options in my list to threaten my opponent’s tanks, so it balances out.

Every good Team Yankee list needs anti-air, and this list is no different. The British have a few good choices, but I chose the Rapier SAM because it just looks awesome. The Rapier is an effective anti-air piece but the model is what sold me personally on the Rapiers for this list.

As usual, one of the models I am most excited about is the plane! The British Harrier is a unique fighter with a vertical take-off system that let the Harrier operate without a large airfield. Because of this feature the plane just had to be in my list, they’re that cool. Just look at the model, its looks so awesome with its hovering valves and bubbly intakes, how can you not fall in love with this plane?

All and all I really like this list. Although I may try to squeeze in some of that cool British recon down the line - the Scorpions and Scimitars are just cool little kits - I feel like this list is solid. With eight platoons this army will be easy to group up into reserves and I have a good spread of anti-tank, anti-infantry and anti-air options to make the list balanced. Now to get this list built, painted and field tested! 

Iron Maiden