M53/59 Praga AA Platoon Assembly (TWBX04)

SU-17 Assembly (TSBX28)

M53/59 Praga AA Platoon Assembly (TWBX04)

How to assemble your M53/59 Praga AA.

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Assembling The M53/59 Praga AA

Step 1. Start by gluing the the wheels to the main hull.The front axel only has a single wheel and there are grooves to correctky align the wheels on the hull.

SU-17 Assembly (TSBX28) SU-17 Assembly (TSBX28)

Below: The wheels in place on the Praga.

Step 2. NWe will now build the turret. Attach the 30mm cannon to the gun in the slot show below.

SU-17 Assembly (TSBX28) SU-17 Assembly (TSBX28)
Below: The fully built Praga turret.
Below: The fully assembled Praga AA Tank.
SU-17 Assembly (TSBX28) SU-17 Assembly (TSBX28)