Canadian Painting Templates

Canadian Painting Templates

Canadian Painting Templates
With Chris Townley

4 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group was a formation of the Canadian Army, then Mobile Command of the unified Canadian Forces. It was part of the European formation known as Canadian Forces Europe. The formation served as the main forward-deployed land element of Canada's armed forces and was stationed in West Germany from 1957 until it was disbanded in 1993.

Much like US MERDC camo schemes and NATO 3 colour schemes, each Canadian vehicle (with the exception of the Leopard 1) is painted in a pre-planned template that specifies the placement of colours on a given piece of equipment/vehicle.

The three colours that you need to use are Russian Uniform (924), Khaki Grey (880) and Black Grey (862). If you would like you can add a little Black to your Black Grey.

Canadian Painting Templates

The Templates


Here you can find PDF versions of our painting templates. We've taken photographs of our models and then scaled them so you can print them and have them sitting next to your model while you paint.

Make sure you tell your PDF viewer to print them at actual size and not shrink to fit

Canadian Painting Templates Canadian Painting Templates
M113 Template ADATS Template
Canadian Painting Templates Canadian Painting Templates
Lynx Template M109 Template
Canadian Painting Templates Canadian Painting Templates
Cougar Template Grizzly Template
Canadian Painting Templates
Iltis Template
Download a PDF of all the Templates here

What About The Leopard 1?
The Krauss-Maffei Leopard 1 adopted by the Canadians was the Leopard 1A3 with a welded turret fitted with the Belgian SABCA computerized fire-control system. The new tank was named the Leopard C1. An order was made for 114 tanks as well as a number of bridging and recovery vehicles. The first Leopard C1 tanks were delivered in June 1978, with all 114 in Canadian hands by mid-1979.

Canadian 4 CMGB Painting Templates
The Leopard C1 tanks were delivered to the Canadians painted in German yellow olive colour (Gelboliv) and were not repainted in the 3 colour scheme that the rest of the 4 CMBG was painted in. In WWIII: NATO Forces we recommend Olive Drab (350) as a good option to represent this colour as this will give a good scale representation version of the original colour. You could mix in a small amount of German Camo Dark Green (979) to add a greener hue to the colour.

Happy modelling!

~ Chris.