Iron Maiden UK Mega Battle (Part 1)

Iron Maiden Iron Maiden UK Mega Battle (Part 1)
All of the UK office has gotten together for the Iron Maiden Launch and put together the biggest Team Yankee Mega Battle we have done yet!
The battle had the 17th /21st Lancers Battlegroup fending off a Soviet Tank Army advancing into West Germany, including airmobile ambushes, Hind attacks and amphibious assaults it was a game with a lot going on.

The Objectives for the force participating in the Battle were:

-Soviet Forces (elements of 207 Motor Rifle Division) had the object to ‘with utmost haste’ secure the Bridge of the River Leine and then Breakthrough towards the town of Rinteln.
Iron Maiden

-Gordon Highlanders (Airmobile) had the objective to make an ambush (Milans at the ready) at pre-set positions along the Soviet Axis of advance. They were to delay the advance as long as possible and to cause casualties among the Soviet echelons.

-17/21st Battlegroup were to take up positions along the River Leine and use the terrain to funnel the Soviet advance into crossing points, causing as many casualties on Soviet Spearhead units as possible. In addition to remain combat worthy for further action, where they will be needed to stop another Soviet thrust. However under no circumstance would any Soviet elements be allowed to break through to Rinteln.

Iron Maiden
Turn 1
Soviets attack the border guards with their BMPs. The surviving Germans radio for reinforcements and promptly return fire. The Gordon Highlanders (airmobile) move on to the table mounted in their Lynx helicopters.
Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden Turn 2
The first unit of Soviet tanks arrive and quickly rout the understrength German infantry guarding the checkpoint, with only one Marder APC left which quickly flees the advance. The Gordon Highlanders deploy three platoons on the two hills overlooking the valley in preparation for their ambush.
Turn 3
The Soviets advance down the road into the valley while the Gordon Highlanders dig in on the hills and the Chieftains finally begin arriving on the outskirts of Rinteln.
Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden Turn 4
Soviet Hind attack helicopters arrive at the bridge as the Gordon Highlander open up with Milans and 66mm rockets from the hills, knocking out four T72 tanks and a BMP.

Turn 5
More Soviet units follow the advance forces, sending BMPs towards the Gordon Highlanders just as they lose another four T72’s to Milan fire. Hinds unload their infantry to secure the bridge but are almost immediately engaged by the Chieftain’s high explosive rounds.

Turn 6
The Soviets armour keeps advancing for the Bridge while the Infantry deploy from BMPs in an attack on the Gordon Highlanders entrenched on the largest hill.

A combination of Soviet fire kills 1 GPMG and 2 Milan teams of the Gordon Highlanders but the Highlanders kill another 2 tanks and some infantry

Turn 7
The Second Soviet column arrives from another breakthrough to the south, cutting of most of the Air mobile troops from the 17th/21st Lancers Battlegroup. The column is made up of T72 tanks and BMP 2s.

The main Soviet force advances closer to the bridge, leaving blocking forces to dig out the Gordon highlanders.

The Gordon Highlanders lose another Milan team to infantry fire then repels an assault killing four Russian infantry basses while losing three themselves. The Highlanders then proceed to kill another 2 more tanks and 3 infantry basses in their turn. The distant chanting of “Scotland…..  Scotland….. Scotland…..” can be heard by the retreating Soviets.

The Gordon Highlanders have managed to hold up the main Soviet column long enough for the 17th/21st Lancers Battlegroup to make their objective. However, they may find it difficult to escape now that they are surrounded.

Turn 8
The Gordon highlander’s weather the Soviet weapons fire with no casualties, killing one BMP in return. The Chieftains engage the second Russian column, killing 3 more T72 tanks and 2 BMPs.
Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden

Turn 9
The second column of Soviet tanks commences their attack on the bridge and fords held by the British Chieftains but only have a few rounds hitting their targets. Four Russian Hind attack helicopters return and destroy 2 Chieftains, avoiding AA fire from the FV438 Swingfires and Lynx attack helicopters.

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