HMMWV King of the Hill Competition - Part Two

HMMWV King of the Hill Competition

HMMWV King of the Hill Competition - Part Two
with Lonnie Mullins

The release of Stripes includes one of the most iconic vehicles of the US Army, the ubiquitous HMMWV. As the kit is so quick and simple to put together we decided to come up with a fun office challenge, were we each built one and then prepared to duke it out to see who would be “King of the Hill”.  

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 The table is set, the hill in reach and positions are taken. Let the games begin! 

HMMWV King of the Hill Competition

Turn 1:
In order of initiative, from lowest to highest (lowest moves first, shoots last) Matt decides not to move hoping to pick someone off at distance with his TOW.

Tiffany moves to within 7-inches of Matt effectively negating that ability against her.  Brian does a tactical move towards the hill.  Lonnie, who knows Matt will pick him off (‘cause that’s what Matt does) dashes next to Matt as well and Dave tactically moves towards the hill.

Right: First turn moves

HMMWV King of the Hill Competition

HMMWV King of the Hill Competition

Dave shoots at Brian scoring a hit and bailing his HMMWV. Tiffany shoots at Matt scoring 3 hits, 2 of which bounce but the third forces Matt to bail.

Left: Brain bailed out


Turn 2: 
Both Brian and Matt fail their remount rolls, Dave tries to crest the hill but fails his cross check, Lonnie moves towards the hill and Tiffany tries to go up the hill but also fails her cross check.

Right: Matt is bailed out and fails to remount 

HMMWV King of the Hill Competition

HMMWV King of the Hill Competition

Tiffany fires at Lonnie but her 3 hits fail to damage. Lonnie’s return fire bails Tiffany’s HMMWV. Dave fires at the only target visible to him, Brian, and forces a second bail out taking Brian out of the game.

Left: Brian is taken out

Turn 3: 
Both Matt and Tiffany remount their vehicles.  This time Dave’s cross check works and he crests the hill.  Lon fails his cross check at the bottom of the hill as does Tiff.

Right: Lon and Tiff at the hill

HMMWV King of the Hill Competition

HMMWV King of the Hill Competition

Tiff shoots her MK-19 at Dave, scoring 3-hits and bailing Dave. Matt shoots Lon with his TOW which blasts Lon’s HMMWV to smithereens!

Left: Lon is blasted out of the game

Turn 4: 
Dave fails to remount while Matt drives towards the hill and Tiff makes her cross check to take position next to Dave’s Vehicle; it’s anyone’s game at this point. Tiff proceeds to rain hell down on Matt scoring 3-hits; Matt saves 2 and bails out on the third.

Turn 5: 
Matt and Dave manage to remount and vow vengeance on Tiffany!

HMMWV King of the Hill Competition

All 3 are on the hill now and Dave fires at Tiff forcing her to bail out. Matt Shoots Dave and forces Dave to bail.

Turn 6: 
Neither Tiff nor Dave make their remount roll and Matt wins the game!


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